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Retired Traveler

Retired Traveler

Keep Travel Surprises to Sunrises and Sunsets

Most of our customers are retired or near retired. Luckily for us, we are continually engaged with them at customer rallies, at our factory and dealerships, and on social media. Over many years and conversations, they tell us simplicity, dependability, and value are why they travel in a Four Wheel Pop-Up Truck Camper.  They say that they want to enjoy the outdoors and their travels, not deal with cumbersome rig setups, breakdowns and maintenance issues.  So, as we make product and feature modification decisions, we are always considering what we have heard… what is important to our customers.

Two people sitting in the mountains next to a popup camper truck

Keeping It Simple

It is a simple truth, the more gadgets, automation, and processes in anything, the more that can go wrong. With this in mind, we have two very compatible and simple parts to our mobile dwelling, a truck and a camper.

It doesn’t get much simpler than a well-built pickup truck and a Four Wheel Camper.

Truck quality has been honed over decades and millions of trucks. There is little to go wrong with a truck compared to many RV products. When a repairman sees a truck pull in he sees an old friend. Even parts and service are available in the smallest of U.S. and Canadian towns. Heck, they are often available in Baja, and beyond! 

Since 1972, the Four Wheel Camper has been refined too. The goal however, has never been about layering on more fragile automation and accouterments. Though we have carefully added proven products like solar power and rack systems, most of our focus has been on improving the existing product. Making it lighter, stronger, and ever easier to operate.

The ultimate example of simplicity and one that most every owner appreciates is the ease with which the roof is raised. Within two minutes, one person pops-up the roof. Nothing digital. No electronics. Entirely human powered, it is as simple as it gets. Customers also like transitioning to queen or king size manually, within seconds. It simply slides back and forth from the smallest to the largest size, and back again. The total time, from when you park in your campsite to the when your roof is up, heater is on, and you are in bed, is less than five minutes. That is about as simple as it gets!

Dependability Is The Ultimate Goal

Dependability comes from simplicity, a long history of refinements, and making most everything in once factory.

As detailed, the pop-up roof and bed size transitioning functionality is simple and manual. From these examples to the one-piece aluminum roof, to the truck mounting approach, the mantra is to always design and make everything to withstand the pounding of terrain and constant use. Components are continually and carefully sourced, positioned, and installed. From the welded aluminum frames to every stitch of sofa fabric, most everything is crafted with care in a single facility. Doing it all together, over a long time, results in greater communication, control, and quality. 

campers sitting in a truck with a pop up camper and canoe tied to roof


 Our customers tell us they are most interested in four value components.

  • Purchase Price – Comparing the cost of a truck(so much the better if you already own one) plus a Four Wheel Camper, will typically land you at a lower price than similar alternatives. Most products also restrict where you can safely travel without doing harm to the vehicle. The Four Wheel Camper and an equipped truck broaden the vistas one can enjoy, and can also translate to lower camping costs. So, though a competitor’s “the deal of the day” may seem initially enticing, it is easy to spot the inferior quality, questionable long-term support, and overall versatility.
  • Versatility – Speaking of versatility, our customers use their truck and Four Wheel Camper as their daily driver or second vehicle. This contrasts to most RV platforms, which are not used as transportation to go to the movies or grocery store. Owning fewer vehicles is a significant initial cost savings and also reduces the ongoing cost of insurance, storage, and maintenance.
  • Ongoing Maintenance – Maintaining a standard truck is substantially easier and lower cost than a more specialized RV type vehicle. As discussed above, Four Wheel Campers also deliver a low maintenance experience. Unlike many RV products, a Four Wheel Camper is built for the long run.
  • Resale Price – Four Wheel Campers hold their value extremely well. Compared to all mainstream RV options, only Airstream is similar. Interestingly, the higher prices raise for new campers over time, the greater the resale value over time. The level of long-term durability is another factor. As discussed above, historically, Four Wheel Campers incur little or no significant maintenance costs for many decades. Lastly, the stability of the company factors in resale price levels. If the company closes, a common event in the RV industry, the lack of parts, technical support, and overall brand continuity reduces the appeal and value of the product. Four Wheel Campers has seen many a company come and go over five decades and we are positioned to be here long into the future!

We hope to be part of your retirement plans, but regardless, we wish you wonderful sunrises and sunsets for many years to come!

Thank you for your interest in our campers!


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We wish you many fantastic adventures in 2023!!

Team Four Wheel Campers

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